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Creative Quarantine Recipes Using Your Pantry Staples

Coronavirus, isolation, QUARANTINE…..this is all we are hearing about in the news and on social media these days as we face a worldwide pandemic. Many of us are in states that have a shelter-in-place order, meaning we should not go out unless necessary. This order has put a lot of limits on things we can do and places we can go. During the earlier weeks of the pandemic, I stocked up on the kitchen staples such as, eggs, milk, butter, bread, ground meats, and canned foods. However, the average American eats 3-4 meals a week outside the home, so although we have stocked up, after about a week or so, most will run out of their go-to recipes.

This leaves us to get creative with leftovers and ingredients! I put together some easy recipes that use up those kitchen staples, create delicious leftovers, and keep your palate interested.


Who doesn't love tacos and pasta?! Using a few staple ingredients, you can create a unique take on two classic dinner meals. Taco pasta is a great meal to make with the kids and even spark conversation on what other meals they love that can potentially be combined. Let their imaginations run wild!