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Our Vision

Ema envisions a journey of femalehood that is full of support, regardless of economic status.

The Team Behind Ema

Ema is built for women by women. She is designed by a team of AI experts and women's health providers. We built Ema to be aligned with all backgrounds and walks of life.

Why Ema?

Ema uses generative AI to transform women's health, providing personalized, evidence-based guidance. We ensure privacy, inclusivity, and trust, partnering with businesses to improve health outcomes. Our goal is to make every woman feel supported, filling the gap in women's health care.

Our Story

Ema originated from a heartfelt mission to connect mothers in need of support, inspired by Amanda Ducach's best friend's challenging experience in an ER with her child. What began as a platform to foster friendships among like-minded mothers evolved into a robust health & wellness community for all women, from fertility through menopause (originally named SocialMama). Recognizing the broader needs of our members, we expanded our mission to include expert health guidance, integrating physicians and wellness professionals into our ecosystem. 

The evolution continued steering most efforts towards technological innovation, developing an AI companion to provide early support and guidance to women on their health journey, leading to leaps of improvement in areas like preventative care. This leap forward laid the groundwork for leveraging our AI technology to enable businesses to offer enhanced support and care to their female customers, enriching the lives of women globally.

Ema has become a beacon of innovation in women's wellness, transforming the landscape of support and care. Our journey from a simple connection platform to a leader in AI-driven wellness solutions reflects our unwavering commitment to empowering women everywhere.

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