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Our Vision

Ema envisions a journey of femalehood that is full of support, regardless of economic status. Our goal is to make women healthier and happier.

The Team Behind Ema

Ema is built for women by women. She is designed by a team of AI experts and women's health providers. We built Ema to be aligned with all backgrounds and walks of life.

Why Ema?

Ema is an empathetic AI companion founded by women, for people who identify as a woman OR have a uterus. Ema supports women socially, psychologically, and physically to make the journey of femalehood a little easier.  

Our Story

A few years ago, Amanda Ducach and her husband got a call from their best friend, Alicia, who was sitting in an ER next to her two-year-old child that had just received a new medical diagnosis. Their friend felt isolated and overwhelmed. Amanda knew that Alicia needed to be introduced to another mom nearby to talk to—someone who had walked a similar path and could show her the light at the end of the tunnel. Ema (formally SocialMama) was launched in early 2019 to connect like-minded mothers on a similar path for friendship.  Since then, Ema has shifted into a wellness community that supports women through friendship & expert-led experiences throughout the journey of femalehood.

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