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Revolutionize Health Support for Payors

Ema redefines health support for payors by delivering customized assistance that caters to the unique needs of each member, assisting in driving quality care that reduces costs & creates additional revenue.

On average individuals spend less than 1 hour a year with a health worker, versus over 8700 hours a year spent in self-care activities.

Ema is an easy-to-access “self-care” product where 77% of  members engage with Ema at least once a month


Ema’s AI chat meets your members exactly where they are so they can efficiently get the right health resources at the right time.


Streamline Costs

  • Education on in-network providers

  • Member persona insights to optimize efforts

Improve Health Outcomes

  • Customized HEDIS assessments with intuitive delivery

    • EPDS​

    • Cervical Cancer Screenings​​

  • Education around Preventative Care

    • Increase Postpartum Visits​

    • Flu Shots

    • Annual Physicals


Increase Member Engagement

  • 24/7 Health Support

  • Simplified User Journey

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