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Ema helps you understand your customers

Through conversation, Ema learns in-depth knowledge of your customers to provide individual journeys to empower your customer and make your business more successful.

It is hard to get the attention of a customer, and Ema gives that opportunity to companies. 


Ema has had more than 10 million interactions with women about things like the products they use, and the lives they live. 


Elevate Health Outcomes with 24/7 Support

  • Build trust and meet customer needs whenever they arise by offering an evidence-based health support chat available 24/7

  • Empower customers to drive their own pro-active health management, ensuring customers can find your relevant information, products, and services

Unlock Data Insights for Increased Engagement

  • Through conversational data, customize interactions to ensure customers feel valued and supported in their customer journey, increasing engagement.

  • Create new opportunities through chat for additional sales conversions with your loyal customer base

Supercharge Your Efforts to Increase Conversions & Loyalty

  • Ema’s round-the-clock support educates your customer to make informed decisions when converting

  • Increase your customer’s lifetime value by building trust with Ema

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