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Tailored Health Support for Your Workforce

Ema ensures personalized wellness support for female employees, promoting health and well-being. By leveraging conversations, Ema assists women in leading healthier lives, reducing absenteeism, and easing the transition back to work after birth.

4.3 Billion

People have inadequate access to essential facility-based health services

Ema is an OTC product that is easily accessible for help. 

2.6 Billion

Working days are gained through the practice of self-care with OTC products. 

Ema promotes self-care which prevents missed working days.


Ema’s AI chat meets your members exactly where they are so they can get the right health resources at the right time.


Reduce Costs

  • 24/7 Health support to reduce unnecessary healthcare costs ​

Increase productivity and revenue

  • Education and health reduces absenteeism ​

Increase Employee Retention

  • Education about maternity leave benefits

  • 24/7 support through major life changes

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