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3 Easy Ways to Make Mom Friends on National Friendship Day

Did you know 64% of moms feel friendless? That is a staggering statistic. The fact is, motherhood can be seriously isolating! Whether you moved to a new city or just welcomed a baby to your household, each stage of being a mom presents challenges that almost always involve loneliness. And throughout each challenge, you just want another mom to relate to. Having a mom tribe to share with, lean on in times of difficulty, and spend time with is essential to taking care of yourself.

two female friends laughing

But since this global pandemic hit, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find and make mom friends. Not only are mamas the loneliest bunch, they also are the busiest and hardest to track down. With social isolation and the cancellation of so many of social functions, the chances of meeting a new mama friend are far and few between. In honor of National Friendship Day (July 30th), we’ve pulled together our list of three simple ways for moms to find and make mom friends they will keep for life.

1. Attend virtual mom & me classes (like a mommy & me yoga class).

We’ve found that no matter where you live, whether it be a big city or a small town, you can almost always find a mom & me class for you and your little one. Here’s why that’s awesome - first, you know that everyone attending is a mom. Second, having your kids with you is a great ice-breaker for meeting someone for the first time. I mean, how easy is it to "ooh and aah' over each other’s babies as you get more comfortable with each other? Third, these classes tend to be pretty inexpensive (yay affordability!) now that they are online. So head to a class and start mingling with potential mom friends! And don’t be shy - if you vibe with someone, ask for her phone number and set up a coffee date. We highly recommend finding and discovering events on Kidpass. They offer more than 10,000+ virtual classes!

2. Join a mom friendship app like