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We trained Ema on real-world questions and evidence-based answers to improve women's health outcomes. Discover the experts behind Ema.

Women's Health Knowledge & Data

Women's Health Training

Our process begins with real-world questions and Ema's training in women's health—covering social, mental, and physical aspects. Collaborating closely with women's health experts, we created evidence-based responses centered around self-care practices such as self-education, self-monitoring, and self-medication. These solutions undergo meticulous refinement and oversight by our team of experts to ensure optimal efficacy and relevance.


Leveraging insights from over 100,000 users and a 77% interaction rate with Ema, we craft personalized self-care plans that link women to vital resources and information for better well-being. We continuously refine Ema’s with ongoing data updates.


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Our primary goal is to empower women as the CEOs of their health, acknowledging their crucial role in safeguarding their well-being and that of their families. Initially, our company was established without AI, but the rapid growth of the Ema community emphasized the need for a more scalable solution than traditional providers alone. Anticipating a global shortage of approximately 18 million health workers by 2030, we understand the necessity for a digitized solution. By providing women with accessible and comprehensive information, services, and products, we aim to lighten their mental load and promote the health and wellness of their families.

Morgan Rose, Chief Science Officer

Team of Women's Health Experts

Ema’s training and content is upheld by a dedicated team of nurses, physicians, and mental health therapists each bringing their unique expertise and experience from various specialties. Together, they collaborate to create content that encompasses a holistic approach to well-being.

Robust Fact-Checking Process

Our fact-checking process ensures that the information women receive is accurate and reliable. We rely on esteemed sources such as reputable medical journals, WHO and CDC guidelines, and academic institutions. Our dedicated review committee, composed of women's health specialists, carefully evaluates Ema's training.

Evidence-Based Ground Truth

Our approach involves leveraging reputable sources such as established journals, guidelines, and publications endorsed by prominent international health organizations like the WHO and CDC. Additionally, we draw from a wealth of high-impact medical papers specifically centered on women's health.

Crisis Response Protocol

We've implemented a Crisis Response Protocol to swiftly assist women in moments of distress. Our system is equipped to recognize and provide immediate resources/support to those expressing thoughts of self-harm or suicide, ensuring a swift and compassionate response.
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