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Realistic New Years Resolutions for the Modern Mom

Let's talk about achievable, non-self-destructive goals for 2020.

Hello readers! It’s ya girl, coming at you from my couch, typing on my iPhone as my MacBook has taken a dump on me for the final time. I am adorned with sweat pants, snot on my arm from one of my sick kids, wearing a breast-milk-stained SocialMama t-shirt, with an overflowing swear jar. I’m hoping this finds you well, that you’re up to your messy bun in unwrapped bullsh*t, some possible debt, and an afternoon coffee that may or may not be spiked with seasonal Bailey's.

I am going to say what we are all thinking. THE HOLIDAYS KIND OF SUCK. I mean let’s be real, Christmas Day? It’s magical. Especially when your kids are young enough to still believe in Santa Clause and you can black mail them into behaving like decent human beings for a month while setting alarms to remind you to move that creepy looking elf just to instill some magic while they’re still innocent.

The days leading UP to said blessed event can be a rat race. Worth it all in the end, despite the huge Christmas morning mess to clean up, decorations to put back in storage, and the timely #newyearnewme posts.