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Exclusive: Houston startup rebrands to provide AI chat tool focused on women’s health

Nearly 16 months ago, we decided to rebuild and rebrand our entire app to center around an AI companion built using GPT-3. In March, you'll finally be able to ask Ema—your best friend in femalehood!

Our CEO Amanda recently talked with innovationmap about why we decided to make the change and what you can expect in March.

Read and excerpt from the article below. You can read the full post here.

Amanda Ducach set out to create a platform where mothers could connect with each other socially, but when she launched SocialMama just ahead of a global pandemic, she soon learned there was a bigger market need for access to information surrounding women's health — from fertility to menopause.
After pivoting her femtech platform to include women's health experts, she realized her technology wasn't able to completely support growing user base. The platform, which was called SocialMama, saw users engaging with experts in similar ways — and as Ducach looked into growing the platforms users, she realized that 24/7 access to experts was going to be hard to scale."

You can read the remainder of the article here.

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