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Ema featured on KPRC-2 Houston

"The reality is generative AI is going to be in all of our lives just like the Internet is now, and I don't want women to get left behind the revolution." — Amanda Ducach


And now an app for women wants to go into the doctor's office with them. Health reporter Hailey Hernandez is here with us to tell us all the things the app can hear and say.

Yeah so the app is called Ema and she gets right to the point. She answers you directly without sending you down a rabbit hole giving you links to articles and videos. It basically acts like a sidekick in your palm.

Unlike Google where you ask a question and it provides links to your answer, AI is working to be able to answer your questions like a real person. On Ema, that could include questions about everything under the sun from motherhood to fertility and menopause.

According to founder and CEO, Amanda Ducach it is designed to feel like texting a friend.

"Essentially she'll do everything from creating a grocery list for you in one second, or diagnosing period pain, or maybe if you need pelvic floor exercise after having a baby. She'll help you figure out that you're having the symptoms and what to do make it better. Or she'll translate your Spanish homework for your son. Pretty much anything!"

Originally the app was designed to connect women in your area but what was discovered was the majority of users were suffering from anxiety, depression, and a lack of quality health care. So Ema is kicking it up a notch and added AI to give women more resources at their fingertips. But naturally, there's concern about what AI will hear and know, and Ducach believes as many do, that AI needs to be regulated but says that doesn't stop it from becoming a big part of our future.

"The reality is generative AI is going to be a part of all of our lives the way the internet is now and I don't want women to get left behind the revolution."

Now, of course, this is never expected to replace the advice from your doctor. But, according to the company's own assessment from users, they say 78% report lower anxiety and 57% say they felt encouraged to then reach out to their medical provider for further assistance.

That's great because I would think it would be the opposite effect, right? Because you're worried about something and then talk to Ema and she calms you down and then says it's ok or this is, and then maybe you're like, ok, I don't want to go see the doctor. The concern would be that they think that that answered their questions. Right and in reality, I think a lot of people do know like, ok, maybe I need to see a doctor about this. Like if she has the answers, then maybe the doctor could help me further. That's that's incredible. I want to download it and check it out thanks, guys.

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May 22, 2023

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