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6 Life-Changing Apps That All Moms Should Download Right Now

As annoying as technology can sometimes be (the incessant notifications, having to constantly monitor your child's consumption, and so on), there are aspects of the digital world that make life way, way easier. And that's especially true for moms. There are now countless apps on the market specifically geared towards families and mothers in particular.

With technology being so amazing these days, it's time to use it to help you! We put together a list of our favorite apps for moms that are so life-changing, you need to go download them all right now:

This is by far the easiest way to connect with your neighborhood and stay in-the-know. You can join your neighborhood and start interacting with others in your community! Exchange recommendations with your neighbors about babysitters, plan local events, and get tips on the best local activities for you and your family. It’s also a great place to hear about safety concerns going on in the area and latest news you need to know.

This is the app to help organize your family and coordinate all your activities. Life360 syncs your family into a private, invite-only "Circle". You can track the whereabouts of your children in real-time and get notifications when they come and go from certain places. Imagine the peace of mind knowing your teenager who just started driving made it home safely from basketball practice? That is priceless. And if the worst case scenario happens, know immediately when and where they get into a car crash. Have less worry and find more security with this awesome app.

SocialMama is an app built by women to help moms connect and build friendships. You simply tell the app what kind of mom you’re looking for (i.e. couch potato vs marathon runner) and make “unique need” selections such as divorce, autism, or infertility, and the app matches you with moms! Whether you’re looking for a mom in your neighborhood or someone to chat with around the world, SocialMama will find the right mom for you. The app also features an open mom Forum where you can ask experts questions, give advice, and join discussions. Available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Groceries delivered straight to your door, from local stores? Sign us up! This app will save you so much time. Instead of spending hours at the grocery store with your little one’s in tow, put your cart together while your kids nap or play at the park. You can even get your goodies delivered the same day and save $ doing it.

The easiest way to find childcare! UrbanSitter is a network of babysitters (and nannies) that are known and trusted. You can easily find and book sitters in your area using information like parent reviews, CPR certifications, and personal connections. Not only that, but you can also interview AND pay them on the platform.

Planning a family trip? This is the app that will make your life SO much easier. Trekaroo shows you reviews and recommendations from families who have already traveled to your destination. See what attractions were most-loved and which one’s weren’t worth the trip. They also have local experts in various desired destinations to help you plan an incredible itinerary. Our favorite section is the “Awesome Vacations for 2020”, which shows some of the best vacations to take this year and what to do while you’re there. Sounds like it’s time to start planning that summer getaway!

We hope these awesome new technologies make your #momlife that much easier. Let us know what you think!


Download the app for finding mom friends on App Store and Google Play.

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2023년 1월 12일

Put the helpful app sites especially, I like Urban sitter the most, not only for moms but also for all family members and home care. Must include the Cultural Helper as well in your list. This site is offering huge list for caregivers and nannies in different regions and ethnic. Also offering job positions for the employees. Here is the link for site.

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