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Nurturing the Mother: How to Actually Help New Moms After Childbirth

“How is the baby?”

This is one of the first questions that mothers get asked after giving birth to their baby. But we have to make sure the mother’s experience is acknowledged as well. Moms are in a battle between taking care of themselves and taking care of their baby. Most of the time, the baby comes first. Newborns involve so much time and energy that the mother has little to no time to take care of herself. Moms often don’t accept help from others during the postpartum time. It is hard for them to let others take on the load of their home. But mothers need to be nurtured as well. They are healing, physically and emotionally.

MOMS! Accept the help! Some may feel unworthy and uncomfortable asking for help but this is normal and its okay. It is so important for the mother to be well nourished and rested.

Here in the United States, we do not practice nurturing the mother like other countries do. In a lot of countries, families and their community come together to give the mother a healing and comforting space during the postpartum period. It is a time for rest and recovery.

So how can we help the new mom transition into this world with a new baby? Here are the best ways to help the new mom through this new stage of life;