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How to Heal Your Vagina After Birth

No one ever told me how scared I’d feel thinking about what happens to my vagina during birth! Just kidding. This is one of the top concerns for first-time parents as they think through what it means to give birth.

As a midwife and mom myself, I promise you this cringe worthy topic isn’t as bad as it seems! And here’s why - vaginal tissue is similar to the tissue in your mouth, as you know, it heals very quickly. However, right after giving birth, your vagina is going to be sore and need time to heal. Here are a few ways to prevent tearing, reduce pain, and heal quickly!


Reduce the risk of tearing with perineal massage:

Step 1

Start perineal massage around 34 weeks pregnant.

Step 2

Practice daily for 1-5 minutes to gently stretch the perineum, the tissue between the vagina and anus, to prevent tearing during childbirth. You can practice perineal massage on your own or have your partner help.

Step 3

Wash hands, trim nails, get into a comfortable position, lying down or standing/squatting in the shower. Use a warm compress during the massage to increase circulation and flexibility of tissue.

Step 4

Use a massage gel (see our product playlist for ideas!).

Step 5