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Can My Baby Be Allergic to My Breast Milk? Yes. Here's What To Do.

This article was originally posted by Trillitye Paullin, PhD, a molecular biologist and mother to two beautiful daughters with severe food sensitivities. She is the founder of Free to Feed, a place for parents to find answers to their questions about infant food sensitivities and empower them to continue their breastfeeding journey. Trillitye is also available for on-demand advice as an Expert on SocialMama.

So you suspect your breastfed infant has a food intolerance and is reacting to proteins in your breast milk, now what?  First, consult with your pediatrician and determine if referrals to an allergist or gastroenterologist are warranted.  In conjunction with your medical team, the following steps can help guide your journey. 

Does my baby have food intolerance/allergies?

Before jumping into a game plan, lets discuss what warrants it in the first place. The following symptoms can be indicative of an infant food intolerance or allergy: reflux, vomiting, rash, eczema, diarrhea, constipation, muco