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Successfully Stay Fit While Stuck at Home: 9 Tips From a Personal Trainer

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Now more than ever exercise is SO important. We all crave mental and physical relief from this isolation! And rather than worrying about what you can’t control, you have to get moving in the direction of the things you CAN do. Getting a workout in and feeling the benefits of those endorphins is something you can still do and will make you feel 110% better than before.

Need some ideas for staying active and fit while quarantined? Our MentorMama and personal trainer, Heather Sholl, gives her realistic fitness ideas and tips for women stuck at home.

1. Make an exercise schedule every Sunday for the week ahead.

Here's the key to exercising while isolated - MAKE YOURSELF A SCHEDULE. Take some time before your week starts to sit down and plan your workouts for the week. Plan what type of exercise you'll do each day, what time you'll do it, how long it will take, and what you'll need. Don't forget to pencil in days for rest too, which is equally important.

2. Set an alarm on your phone for your planned workout time.

Now you have to stick to your plan. First way to be successful is by setting yourself a reminder on your phone for your planned workout time. Set your alarms while you plan your week and you'll never forget! By reminding yourself, you'll be much more likely to remember and get the workout in while you have time.

3. When your alarm goes off, don’t think, GO!

"Just do it" has a whole new meaning while working out at home. It is easier than ever to skip it and sit on the couch. That means not only do you need extra discipline and motivation, but you can't overthink it. That's why as soon as it's time for your workout, JUST GO! If you need a little extra, remind yourself that it's not a punishment. This is good for you and will make you feel awesome, so don't skip out on it.

4. Lay out your workout clothes every night.

Pick out a cute outfit every night and lay it out so you know what to wear and can look forward to it! Then when you wake up (or a few minutes prior to your workout) put them on. This eliminates the possible problems of not having anything to wear or not being able to decide what to wear (ladies we've all been there). Don't give yourself any excuse to get out of the workout.

5. Do not hit snooze, not now, sister. You need YOU, and NOW is when you planned it.

Enough said. Drop everything and GO.

6. Attend a virtual workout class.

Use the internet to your advantage, ladies! If you need a group of people to motivate you, sign up for a virtual workout class. Yoga, Pilates, and HIIT classes are widely available online, plus it's a great way to support your local businesses! SocialMama is hosting a FREE 30-minute virtual workout class with Heather soon, you can sign up here.

7. Don't dismiss the benefits of a walk.

Walking counts more than you think! If you're doing nothing for exercise right now, this is a great way to start small. It counts, and t has the same mental benefits as killing yourself in a HIIT class. You're likely craving ways to get out of the house and this is the easiest and safest way to do that. I like to take walks throughout the day for some fresh air and each time I come back a little more refreshed and motivated.

8. Pack a bag/backpack on Sunday that includes anything your kids need for a walk.

Walking is also a fabulous activity to do with your kids. They are ITCHING to get out, so pack a bag each week that allows you to fly out the door with minimal planning. Throw in some sunscreen, bottles of water, granola bars...whatever you might need! If they don't like walking, let them take their scooters or bikes. It will help the overall mood in the house and let them get out their overflowing energy.

9. Give yourself grace.

At a time like this, it's more important than ever to go easy on yourself. There is no reason to put intense pressure on yourself, there is enough stress to deal with. Exercise should be something that helps you through this time, not something that makes it worse. We are all in this together mamas!



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About the Contributor:

Heather Sholl is a social entrepreneur who believes in building communities that connect. Her biggest priority with work and family is providing an open, judgment-free space where people feel safe being themselves and having The Most Fun. Heather hosts conversations, workouts, podcasts, and events for women curious about understanding the world around them. She is a creative, free-spirited, and type A mama who is equal parts Mother Theresa and Mother Trucker ;).

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