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Screen-Free Christmas Gift Guide for Your Pre-Teen or Teenager

Today’s teenagers are so inundated with technology that it’s shortening their attention span.

We are guilty as parents (I know I am!) of feeding the technology monster with more and more devices. While it's a necessity at this day-in-age, it's also important to provide your kids with non-techie gifts that feed their creativity and expand their minds.

So this year, my husband and I are making a conscious effort to add more screen-free gifts to the list. Wondering how we plan to get our teens to unplug? Here are some old-school gifts ideas we are using!


Does your child love arts, crafts, or drawing? Copic Markers are some of the most amazingly advanced markers on the market. This Japanese company puts leading marker brands to shame with their ability to blend like pencils, while offering the bold colors or markers. Your kids will be able to shade, create shadows and contours, all with this one set of markers.