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Regulating Emotions in Children (and Yourself) During Periods of Great Stress

With our schools closed and not knowing exactly when they will be reopening, us parents of school-aged children are on the precipice of adding "World’s Okayest Home School Teacher" to our resume.  Parents, this, while juggling your own job as you work from home, being with your partner at home as they work from home, possibly caring for your parents, and/or caring for newborns or toddlers. Things feel doubled or tripled if you are in the medical field or have been impacted directly by COVID-19.  

Whew.  Take a Breath. Cut yourself some major slack.  A lot of grace, patience and kindness, is what I want you to offer yourself and your nervous system.  This is a time for holding everything in the world gingerly and gently, including yourself.

About 1.7 million American students are home schooled and due to the COVID-19 outbreak, that number is about to get a lot higher, at least temporarily. It's all going to be OK and it will all get worked out. We now have so much MORE on our plate, even though we're stuck at home. My family has even put on our schedules Physical Education with activities such as kids yoga, free dance lessons, streaming dojos, and daily workouts by a PE teacher. I am certain that your schedule includes some combination of Reading, wRiting, and 'Rithmetic. I'd like for you to add a 4th R to your daily schedule: Regulating Emotions.

No doubt global anxiety is sky-rocketing right now. If you're feeling stressed about COVID-19, know that it's possible your kids are too. You need methods and structures in place to manage the strong emotions everyone in your family is feeling.

I know, you're like "whaaaaa"? Another thing to do with my kids? I thought you said that I should cut myself some slack? You totally should. I also want to let you know that being able to diffuse emotions will keep your child from detonating. Therefore, it will help you too.