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Take Control of Your Skin: Easy, No-Fuss Skincare Routine for Moms

Make-up not sitting like you thought it would? It actually might be your skin, not your makeup.

Hey fellow breeders! It’s ya girl comin’ at you with a steamin’ heap of 4-month-old couch cushion fruit snacks. I’m here to discuss with you why and how I am failing at my 2020 New Years Resolution. This year, I didn’t quite subscribe to the “New Year New Me” BS, but I did decide I really wanted to be able to actually do my makeup. New Year new face, homie! I’ve only ever been able to apply a foundation, mascara, and if I’m feeling super spicy, and semi-straight winged eyeliner.

So this year I went hard on the products. I subscribed to the monthly boxes, I joined the Facebook groups, I spent a metric diaper load of money on makeup, and snorted daily lines of YouTube tutorials. My results? Still not exactly where I wanted them. I applied the products exactly like the pro’s taught me, using the same products but it still didn’t quite set right on my face!

If you’re still here, thank you, and here’s why: Makeup only works well if your skin is amazing! It’s not about just the cosmetics, it’s about the daily and nightly skin regimen. So I’m going to explain how to establish a healthy skincare routine to prep your face for a better makeup result. I will refrain from using specific brands because not all brands work for everybody and I will not be responsible for somebody's puberty part II.

Skincare routine for moms

Determine Your Skin Type.