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Take Control of Your Skin: Easy, No-Fuss Skincare Routine for Moms

Make-up not sitting like you thought it would? It actually might be your skin, not your makeup.

Hey fellow breeders! It’s ya girl comin’ at you with a steamin’ heap of 4-month-old couch cushion fruit snacks. I’m here to discuss with you why and how I am failing at my 2020 New Years Resolution. This year, I didn’t quite subscribe to the “New Year New Me” BS, but I did decide I really wanted to be able to actually do my makeup. New Year new face, homie! I’ve only ever been able to apply a foundation, mascara, and if I’m feeling super spicy, and semi-straight winged eyeliner.

So this year I went hard on the products. I subscribed to the monthly boxes, I joined the Facebook groups, I spent a metric diaper load of money on makeup, and snorted daily lines of YouTube tutorials. My results? Still not exactly where I wanted them. I applied the products exactly like the pro’s taught me, using the same products but it still didn’t quite set right on my face!

If you’re still here, thank you, and here’s why: Makeup only works well if your skin is amazing! It’s not about just the cosmetics, it’s about the daily and nightly skin regimen. So I’m going to explain how to establish a healthy skincare routine to prep your face for a better makeup result. I will refrain from using specific brands because not all brands work for everybody and I will not be responsible for somebody's puberty part II.

Skincare routine for moms

Determine Your Skin Type.

First things first, what kind of skin do you have? We can either have oily, dry or combination skin. It’s important to identify your skin type because skincare products are made to accommodate various types of skin. You might immediately know what type you are, but if you're confused, this Pinterest infographic is insanely helpful.

Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate.

Of course, washing your face is the most important next step next to moisturizing. You’re going to want to keep that up, every morning and every night. What you may not know, or do, is exfoliate! Exfoliation is the process of removing dirt, oil and dead skin cells. This is an important step in maintaining not only clear skin, but a smooth/vibrant complexion.

The type of exfoliation you need to do depends, say it with me now, on your skin type. For example, I’ve used some hardcore and pricey products for buffing out some acne scars. Not everybody needs this, but for those who don’t have a problem with skin texture, just a few times a week in the shower can work wonders.

Use a Toner.

Now that we’ve established cleaning and buffing, lets move onto toning. Yes, we can tone more than just flabby underarm bingo wings! But before you begin the inappropriate gestures with a shake weight - listen up. A toner is an excellent and quick step in-between cleaning and moisturizing. THIS IS IMPORTANT. A toner removed excess oil that remains even after cleansing and helps reestablish a healthy pH balance on your face. End result is an even better application for moisturizer and foundation! Most woman I've asked used drugstore toner because they work just as well as the expensive one's. So it shouldn’t be too difficult to throw this oh-so-important step into your routine.

Mom and baby putting on face mask

Also Use a Great Serum

Onward my beautiful fairies to the next step: serum. Many people get serums and moisturizers confused or think a serum serves the same purpose. Unlike a moisturizer (which is still important), a serum works on a molecular level (basically, its gets way deeper in your skin). Serums are an amazing way to keep your skin moisturized on a deeper level, prevent discoloration from UV exposure, and reduce signs of aging.

I know what you're thinking,“But Sarah, I’m 25 years old, I’m not aging any time soon!” Okay Linda, don’t you want to still look amazing 15-20 years from now?? Prevention is key. Serum is a great way for reducing any signs of aging and preventing. It’s been clinically proven that beginning a healthy routine in your 20’s is the best way to keep plump, radiant youthful skin. And that's not to say you wont still notice amazing results in your youth as well. Serum is a God-send. Serum is a must. Pro-Tip: The same can also be said for under eye cream!

OK, Moisturizer is Super Important Too.

Lastly moisturize! This should always be your final step to seal all the good things in. It sits in the outer layers of the skin and can serve as a protective barrier. I prefer a moisturizer with UV protection because the sun is evil. It wants to see you burn. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Still with me? Because you’ve reached the end of my skin care routine. It seems like a lot, especially since it needs to be done twice a day (with the exception of maybe exfoliating). But realistically, it’s not. Once you find your products, every morning when you wake and brush your stank breath out and wash your face, take an extra 10 minutes to follow through with the rest of the steps. You’ll feel revitalized and oddly satisfied as you feel your skin become more and more soft, and even further as your foundations and eye shadows look better and better.

Another Pro-Tip: Throw in the occasional nightly mask for extra brownie points and you are on your way to being carded for every alcoholic purchase for the rest of your life. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but #goals right?


About the Contributor:

After seeing her first episode of Gilmore Girls, Sarah had been obsessed with the idea of becoming a girl mom. Now, she has Audrey and Serenity! Sarah lives in a beautiful and quirky small town on a lake with her dogs, cats, and her husband, Chase. She is a photographer in her spare time because she loves showcasing the world in a different way, something she finds enlightening and inspiring. Sarah is also a MentorMama for SocialMama.

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