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Create a Postpartum Oasis- Here’s how!

Are you doing it all?

This might sound obvious…but poor maternal mental health during the postpartum period can significantly affect your health and that of your infant and family. 😅 No pressure, right?!

But the solution to this is *relatively* simple: social support is an important part of managing stress and maternal mental health. They are inextricably linked. Several studies have found that your satisfaction with social support reduces stress and improves maternal mental health.

Here are three super-exciting findings you can turn into action items for your postpartum plan:

1. The more support you receive from your partner (giddy up, paid parental leave!), the less likely you are to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety, even under stressful conditions.

2. The satisfaction of support from your parents boosts your sense of competency.

3. Your satisfaction with emotional support from medical professionals[KD6] will temper the inherent stress you experience during the postpartum period

What does this mean for you? Building a supportive, compassionate, and client-centered birth and postpartum team is essential to your mental health, confidence as a new parent, and satisfaction with your delivery and recovery.

It's never too late to get support, change providers, or reach out for help.

You deserve all the love and care in the world during one of the most significant transitions of your life.