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Hospital Bag Checklist for Childbirth *Updated for COVID-19*

Hi mama, my name is Amanda and I am the CEO of SocialMama, this wonderful app that connects like-minded moms for friendship and support. When I had my son, Leo, I wish SocialMama had existed so that I could have avoided a rookie, first-time mom mistake...bringing a MASSIVE suitcase to the hospital.

I literally packed for a three week Fiji spa vacation to give birth. Let me tell you, I used nothing that I brought. Not the special relaxation candles or my makeup, it was all a waste. The reality is, this is a hospital and they have what you need to give birth. You can skip all the fancy “first time pictures” - take them when you get home! Just enjoy this experience and rest as much as you can, instead of giving yourself a fancy blowout for that perfect Instagram photo.

When packing, what you really need are the basics: toiletries, clothes, and the stuff for going home (like a car seat). I sat down with some of the Experts from SocialMama and got the skinny on what you really need to pack in your bag for both a vaginal or C-section birth. Enjoy reading our simple hospital bag list, I hope it helps you have the most amazing birth experience ever. Good luck, mama! Oh! And to find a mom