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Our List of Incredible Black Mamas Who Inspire Us

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

We originally posted this back in February for Black History Month, but in light of recent racially-charged events throughout the world, we wanted to bring this to the forefront.

We love remembering and highlighting incredible African American women who have paved a path for those who did't always have a voice. These women are outspoken, passionate, and completely inspiring as women and as parents. We want to highlight who they are, what they stand for, and how they're inspiring us every single day.

Here's a list of the African American mamas we're currently crushing over:

1. Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle has highlighted the “Anti-Mom Guilt" campaign since becoming a mother. She really works to help us working moms out with the guilt we feel of being away from our little ones and letting nannies step in. Using her platform to say, “Hey, I am a better mom because I am able to step away and go to work”. Let’s face it, she said what most of us are thinking sometimes.

Gabrielle has also been the MOST vocal supporter of her daughter's recent gender transition. As she lifts up her daughter during this change, we see her unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community and dedication to being a great mom. We love her transparency and the message she promotes.

2. Michelle Obama

A truly remarkable, elegant, and barrier-breaking First Lady. Despite being at the forefront of the news for the last decade, she has managed to raise well-adjusted daughters and maintain a vibrant marriage. Michelle and her children faced racism and an incessant media frenzy during President Obama's time in office, and we can only help but admire how she handled every challenge with grace. Also, can we talk about her program to bring healthy food to schools so that all children had access to healthy meals?? Obsessed.

3. Meghan Markle

Currently taking the cake for “Family First”. Love her or hate her, she has won our hearts and we're pretty sure nearly half the world's too. Her vulnerability really shines a light on the fact that we are all just moms at the end of the day. Doesn’t matter your status, color, income, nationality - postpartum is a b**** and we all feel it. We give her so much credit for doing what's right for herself and her family.

4. Brandy Guery

Brandy of Authentically B is a native Houstonian mama (where SocialMama was founded). She is an elementary school teacher along with being a fashion blogger and influencer, who is humble and an absolute breath of fresh air. She has one little boy and is currently pregnant with her next. She blogs about all types of things from fashion to DIY to some real vulnerable stuff we go through as a mom and wife juggling it all.

We appreciate how Brandy shares beauty tips for black women and really emphasizes the different beauty routines Africa American women need. Brandy really helps young girls with tips on what will work for them, in a system that isn't build for them. That is beautiful.

5. Jada Pinkett Smith

Another transparent woman and kick*** mama. It’s tough as a parent to let your kids go out on their own, but Jada has been very open about allowing her children to grow into their own (we wish we could be that understanding). She has not seemed to let the fame steer her away from being a great mama and wife, always focused on raising kinder humans. The topics she brings up on her shows are very much the issues going on in homes today, which we find relatable and compelling.

6. Nikki Gamble

Mom, wife, and style influencer behind Newtexacali. She is very iconic to the new generations of moms and inspires the older generation of moms to keep at it. Her message is to be fierce and bold, and not to worry about the opinions of others. She has collaborated with three other kick butt African American females who are the force behind Influencing In Color. Nikki is such an inspiration to all young women starting out in their new life as mothers, showing them there are options - you can have it all and still be a mom too (and look so fly doing it).

7. Serena Williams

How could I not include her? Though she is arguably one of the best athletes EVER, Serena won our hearts when she spoke on motherhood, saying “The real Superheroes are moms”. She uses her platform to discuss how fortunate she was to not have to go back to work 2-3 weeks after giving birth and that women needed to be recognized for what they do (heck yes!). Serena continues to discuss the challenges and triumphs of the working mom. As a “normal” mother who is not famous, this really helps us to connect and understand that mamas are not alone. Serena lets moms know their goals are not easy, but reachable, and the relationships with ourselves are more important than ever.

We could write a book about all the amazing women who could be included on this list! Let us be grateful to everything they do and appreciate what they add to this world.



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