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Isolation-Friendly Mothers Day Ideas to Make the Holiday Special

Hey! Its ya girl Sarah, comin’ at you with a fresh sun tan and mosquito bites. I’ve spent a lot of time outside with the kids during quarantine, and I'm lucky to be able to. Like many of you, I will be spending Mothers Day at home. So while day drinking and hanging out with my chickens, I’ve compiled a list of unique Mothers Day Ideas to help keep the day special for your mom and or baby mama, despite the global pandemic we are facing. So, let us begin.

1. Ink Cards

Never heard of them? Check them out. Ink Cards is an app you can download in your Apple or Google Play store. Using the app, you’re able to design a card and have it mailed without you ever needing to handle it. I’ve been using Ink for years now! I get the upgraded card and pay no more than $4 a card. Its thoughtful. Its easy. Its phenomenal. Below is an example card I sent to my grandfather a couple weeks back, they have a plethora of Moms Day cards. Hurry so your mothership may receive the card in time!