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Mom Entrepreneur's Top 9 Tips for Launching a Successful Business

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Starting your business as a mom seems like a daunting task, especially while you are taking care of and supporting your children. But if you do it right and have enough passion for what you do, your business is bound to be a success!

Arrica's clothing designs for a spring photoshoot.

The story of how I became a small business owner is definitely unintentional. I am lover of sewing, beautiful fabric, and repurposing clothing into something new and exciting. I used to haul bags full of curtains and sheets to my tailor (who thought I was crazy) and have her stitch up my ideas and designs. After a year, she started giving out my name to her customers. My friends and sisters began modeling my clothing, and slowly I started throwing together complete looks and styling them in different ways.

I never could have imagined anyone wanting to buy what I created, much less that I could have designed it myself! And as a single mom of two kids, I never considered that my passion for designing and shopping on a budget could turn into a profitable business. Not to mention, kids are expensive! The current average cost of raising a child is roughly $234,000 until your child is 17 years-old, which is almost $14,000 annually. So how in the world are moms supposed to find the money to start a business on top of it all?!

My TOP TIPS for starting your own business as a mom:

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