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How to Land that Work from Home Job

How can I land a remote work position? I get this question all the time from stay at home parents returning to paid work or working parents looking to pivot their careers. If you have ever asked yourself this question, then you have landed in the right place! There are many facets to this question. Let’s break it down together.

What sort of work would you like to do?

The first step towards deciding what you would like to do is to take stock of your skills. What experience/skills do you have? It could be from paid work or your unpaid volunteer experience. What are your interests and passions? If you have a hard time pinning down what lights you up for work, or you want to explore your options then reach out to a coach for support.

What are some remote work options?

Depending on your skills and interests there are lots of options.

  1. If you love writing, then being a freelance copywriter for any number of businesses could be a great option. Copy writers produce website copy, newsletters, marketing e-mails, blogs, or scripts for videos in a way that speaks to an organization’s target customers.

  2. If you love influencing others, then look into social media management for brands or marketing communications positions.

  3. If you are highly organized, then project or product management positions would suit your skillset. Excellent well-organized virtual assistants are always in high demand.

  4. If you like working with people, then coaching, customer success/service, sales and business development managers, or running afterschool activities for kids are options to consider.

  5. If you love houses, then architecture firms, interior design firms, or real estate companies have work that can partly or completely be done remotely.