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Accepting Help As a New Mom: 9 Things to Make Your Life Easier

This article was originally posted on Nuture Therapy, LLC by Jamie Kreiter, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist certified in perinatal mental health. She is also an Expert on the SocialMama app.

Most mothers caring for infants have more things to do than hours in a day. Mothers spend almost all of their time and energy taking care of their new baby, leaving little time for chores and other things like washing clothes, grocery shopping, preparing meals, entertaining visitors, writing thank you notes, packing lunches, and cleaning the house. 

In the best of circumstances, with support and resources, having a new baby can be a challenge and an adjustment. In circumstances where a mother is experiencing depression or anxiety after childbirth, having a baby can range from a significant stressor to a crisis. There is no right or wrong way to transition into motherhood, but there is always a transition. Try to let go of perfectionist tendencies and know that you are doing the best you can, and that is just fine! Here are 9 things you can try to make your life easier:

1. Ask your partner to give the night feedings on the weekends so that you can sleep. Resist the temptation to correct or control how this feeding is done. Focus on the extra sleep that you need.

2. Leave beds unmade and close bedroom doors when visitors come.