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A First-Time Mom's Experience With Prenatal Vitamins

When you become pregnant for the first time, you quickly have to learn about things you've never had to care about before. Case and point: prenatal vitamins. We had a newly pregnant mama share her concerns, lessons, and experiences with prenatal vitamins to reassure future mamas that everything will be OK.

First time mom over here, which means I have absolutely NO idea what I am doing, or what I’m in let’s start there. After discovering that I was pregnant back in October, I immediately freaked out as my husband and I had not planned for this wonderful little adventure, and a week prior to learning this exciting news, I attended a Gala where let’s just say I had one too many drinks.

After being re-assured by my OBGYN that there was no need to worry as it was very early in the pregnancy, I still felt like I needed to do everything I could to make sure this little bean had the best chance of developing healthily. I was on a mission to find the best prenatal vitamin out there!

While scouring the shelves of CVS I was surprised to find an overwhelming amount of options. I found some that were clearly marketed to woman who appreciate go