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What Are The Most Common PCOS Symptoms?

Written by Dr. Heather

One of the most important pieces of value I offer to my patients, family, friends and basically anyone who will listen to me is something you probably already have heard me say more than once.

You are not alone. Navigating complicated sexual health topics can be overwhelming and you have a right to feel that. But you’re not alone.

One particularly confusing (notice, I did not say scary) condition is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a hormonal condition that can cause upsetting symptoms.

It is more common than many of us realize, with a prevalence rate of about one of every 10 women of reproductive age. In addition to irregular, unpredictable, and prolonged periods, PCOS symptoms can cause acne and unwanted body and facial hair and raise your risk of other health problems including obesity and issues with infertility.

In response to your honest, open questions I’ve been receiving lately, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the most common symptoms I get asked about when the topic of PCOS is broached.

Will I gain weight if I have PCOS?

Remember when I said you’re not alone? If you have PCOS and deal with weight gain, you are one of every two women who has the condition who does.

The research on the relationship between obesity and insulin resistance varies, but some research supports that obesity is related to insulin resistance.