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The Mom Stories: If Mom Goes Down, Everyone Goes Down

Welcome to The Mom Stories, a series of relatable topics on everything motherhood. Listen as nationally-syndicated columnist and parenting author, Lisa Sugarman, tells her refreshingly honest perspective and experiences on the challenges that motherhood throws at you.

Because who says story time is just for kids?? That's why I'm reading to YOU while you drink your morning coffee…from the bathroom…with the door locked. Something short and digestible and funny that is just enough to entertain you and give you something to think about.

This week, we are talking about what happens when mom can't fulfill her duties because she's been taken out by sickness, stress, you name it! Because when mom goes down, everyone's coming down with her...

Video Dictation:

Ok, so, I’m sitting here typing, starting what I’m convinced will be an award-winning