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How to Eat What You Want While Breastfeeding (and eliminate infant fussiness)

"My baby is fussy and having a hard time sleeping. Is this normal?”

"My baby spits up after each feeding. She's fussy and acting differently. What do I do?"

"Do I need to watch what I eat when breastfeeding?"

If you're wondering whether your breastfed baby is just gassy or if it's something more, you're not alone.

And if it feels like we're in your mind, we're not. But we have seen this question, in its many variations, posted on the app.

This week on Social Mama, we are deep-diving into how to understand if your baby is intolerant to something in your breast milk, what you can or can't eat while breastfeeding, and how to ensure you have a healthy and happy breastfed baby (and mom).

Are you ready? Let's go!