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How Moms Can Easily Go Green This New Year

Easy-to-follow methods for reducing your waste and being more conscious this New Year.

How many of you read articles or scroll through your social media feed and feel really, really guilty? I would love to be nicer to the planet, but it is just so inconvenient and I already don’t have enough time. Trust me, I was just as guilty!

Having eased my way into a certain lifestyle, now I can’t even begin to remember my old ways. I used to think if I bought in bulk, then I must be saving money. For example, I used to feel so prepared lining up all the pre-made or pre-packaged meals from the grocery store. But when I actually started counting the plastic I alone was throwing away, it was a huge eye opener. Then multiply that by all the members in your household. It’s massive.

I care about the planet so much that is causes me great worry and guilt. The truth is, it’s not all on my shoulders. But every single action I take can cause and create change. Imagine if everyone changed a daily action, such as ordering coffee, to being waste-free? That is how real change is made, and it's a great resolution to set for yourself this New Year.

So now that we’ve stopped stressing about it, what can we do on a daily basis to slowly reduce our waste? Here are my favorite, easy-to-follow methods for cutting down:

1. Bring reusable grocery and produce bags when you shop. You can buy these in any grocery store and the