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Healthy Valentine's Day Recipes to Make With Your Kids

Valentine’s Day is this week and though it's a great time to celebrate your partner, it's also a BIG holiday for kids. From Valentine's cards to lollipops and chocolates, your children will be wanting to celebrate accordingly.

I hate that most of the treats given out during Valentine's Day are filled with artificial coloring and refined sugars. I understand you can not control everything your child eats when they are at school or away, but when they are home I aim to give them healthier options and create a healthy lifestyle for them to follow (even on holidays).

Here are a few healthy treat options I wanted to share from my family to yours that your kids will love!

Valentine's Mashed Potatoes

Ages: 8 months and up

This is one of my favorite quick & fun Valentine’s Day recipes. This recipe is so simple and you can have it alone or incorporate it into your meal plan for dinner!