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From Toddler Tantrums to Teenage Meltdowns: What to Do

You might be amid the terrible twos or managing the meltdowns of a thirteen-year-old- either way, it’s a lot of the same: crying, kicking, screaming, slamming doors, storming out of the house, and screaming, “I don’t want to!”

A topic trending on SocialMama is how to handle toddler tantrums and teenage meltdowns.

You asked, and we’re answering!

Today, Lisa Sugarman, parenting guru, mother of two, author, and a nationally syndicated humor columnist, is here to answer your top questions on how to parent through a breakdown.

If you have questions about how to be nimble and let your kids find their own path and make their own mistakes and learn to rise for themselves, she’s the person you want to ask!

Let’s jump in!

Welcome, Lisa! Over at Social Mama, we’ve seen a variation of the same question on the app.

It goes a little something like this:

“My child keeps hitting me. I tell him to stop, and he gets mad. What can I do to help him cope AND avoid getting frustrated alongside him?”