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Ladies, now more than ever is the time to WASH YOUR PRODUCE. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, grocery stores have implemented strict hygiene guidelines for their employees to follow. But you don't know how many hands touched those bananas or who accidentally coughed in the direction of your leafy greens.

Now, there's no need to go crazy scrubbing the skin off your vegetables, and there's no way to avoid the grocery store! But you can implement new routines, such as taking the time to wash your produce WELL before eating them and feeding them to your family. Not only can it help prevent you from getting sick, it will also wash away any dirt, bugs, or pesticides hanging around.

I'm sure you've seen the $10 bottle of fruit and veggie wash at your grocery store, but that gets expensive quickly and it's totally unnecessary! You can easily make your own wash using common pantry staples. DIY Fruit and Veggie Wash can save you money and doesn’t take much of your time. It's a win…win!

DIY Fruit and Veggie Wash

What you'll need:

  • Spray bottle

  • 2 cups cold water