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A Mom's Guide to Starting a New Workout Routine: Where to Start & Finding Motivation

New Year New Goals, right? How many of us say this every year? We’ve all been guilty of this on more than one occasion I’m sure, yet it’s hard to get started! I think we all start with the New Year (or even a Monday) because it’s a fresh beginning and that makes it easier to process.

But when it comes to starting a new workout routine, we tend to set the bar too high at first. I know I’m not the only one who’s tried to hit the gym for an hour after a month off of exercise and struggled going up and down stairs for the next week. The truth is that everyone can and should go at their own pace and do what is best for YOU.

Before you start exercising, there are a few things to ask yourself and consider:

Am I going to workout before I start my day or after?

Does it make more sense for me to workout at home or at a gym?