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4 in 5

pregnancy-related deaths
are preventable.

Women pay 20% 

more than men on
out-of-pocket costs


America is the only high-income nation with a rising maternal mortality rate


Can AI revolutionize the state of women's health?

100,000 women talked to the Ema, the the women's health ai assistant, here's what we learned from the data:

were recommended to contact their doctor by Ema


prefer talking to Ema
over google


reported reduced anxiety after talking to ema


"With clinician oversight, generative AI like Ema can provide critical missing support, education, and triage for women and their families. These day to day topics too often fall through the cracks or are too uncomfortable to ask. Ema is solving a key gap in the market."

Dr. Karoline Hilu, Hearst

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"the basic accessibility of such capability [AI] remains the greatest impediment to widespread societal improvements that AI could bring. ‘Conversation as UI’ is as dramatic and necessary a shift in usability as search engines were to making the internet consumable by the masses."

Russell Foltz-Smith, OpenAI Ambassador


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