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Why "Practicing" Self-Care Leads to Failure, and 6 Ways to Truly Care for Yourself

Brooke Bains is a Leadership Coach & CEO of Bombshell, where she is on a mission to reimagine business travel and help women realize their bold calling. She can also be found as an Expert on SocialMama!

Hello Gorgeous Mamas! In early May, I joined SocialMama's CEO, Amanda Ducach, for an event where we took a deep dive into self-care and how to practice it. Even though the event centered around self-care in times of chaos, I do believe that self-care can be practiced all the time if you choose. Reading this statement might stir flutters in your stomach or produce doubt in your mind. I understand and it’s totally normal.

One reason that I believe practicing self-care feels daunting is that the word ‘practice’ is applied. In the hustling society in which we live, we are trained that practice=discipline and this results in rigidity. If you feel this way, you’re not alone. I felt this way for most of my adult life because I allowed the outside world (the periphery) to affect my inner world (the center). It might sound odd to distinguish those but they are different.

The outside world is constantly tugging on us to attend to its needs and from a young age, we are taught that those needs supersede our own. This is how our distortion of selfishness arises. But caring for yourself is not selfish, it’s esse