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Preparing to Breastfeed: What You Should Do Before Baby Arrives

Breastfeeding is a daunting task, especially for new moms. Our Expert & Family Medicine Physician,

Dr. Rebecca Berens, gives her tips for preparing to breastfeed before you welcome baby!

In the early days, the most important things to establishing a good breastfeeding relationship are 1) lots of contact between parents and baby, and 2) access for feeding whenever the baby is ready to feed. This is an extremely important time for parents to learn to pick up on feeding cues, since once baby is crying with hunger and agitated it is much harder to start a feed and get a good latch. Skin to skin contact between the breastfeeding parent and baby is also extremely important for supporting a good breast milk supply.

But remember, you need help and support to breastfeed! Here are some important things to do before you give birth.

1. Talk to Your Family

Well-meaning family and friends want to help, but will often come over and insist on holding the baby -- this is not helpful to you. One thing you don't need is other people's opinions! There are many other ways that they can help support you as a new parent, such as: