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How To Know When Your Baby is Ready for Solid Foods

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Signs, Tips, & Recipes for Mamas

Introducing your baby to solids is a milestone most parents are excited about, however it can lead to many new questions and worry for first-time parents. I am a mama with a culinary degree currently studying towards my degree in nutrition, focusing primarily on pregnancy, postpartum, and baby nutrition. I want to help ease the worry many parents have and answer those common questions regarding key signs to look for that show your baby is ready for solids, recipes for stage one food introduction, and pro-tips to help ease into the transition.

Introducing your baby to solid foods

My experience transitioning my baby, Stella, was similar to many parents’. I was SO excited to get her started on her first solid foods! I wanted to see her face light up when each new flavor danced cross her taste buds for the first time. I knew that six months-old was the recommended age to start babies on solid food by many experts and doctors, but I had also heard to look for cues and signs before you jump into giving them purées . I also heard in my parent group that some babies start showing signs as early as three to four months. I decided to follow my instincts and wait for Stella to let me know when she was ready, and so she did! After consulting with our doctor (*Always consult with your physician before starting solids*) she gave me the go ahead at four months.