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Find mom friends like you.

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Join the Motherhood Anonymous support group today.


Make new friends & strengthen your physical and emotional health through expert-led activities

What is Motherhood Anonymous?

It’s a support group to meet like-minded mom friends and receive expert-led support on your journey of motherhood.


From fertility to parenthood, Motherhood Anonymous is a support circle for you to forge new friendships, while strengthening your physical and emotional health through expert-led mentorship and activities.


Meet Our Motherhood Anonymous Experts:

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Motherhood anonymous will be led by 5 incredible experts, from therapists to career coaches that will workshop the following pillars in your weekly meet-ups.

  • Meeting and connecting with new friends

  • Overcoming mom guilt and improving self-care

  • Dreaming up achievable life goals as a mama

  • Personalizing the experience through special one-on-one consultations

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Anna is founder of Parents Pivot, where she helps women find careers they love.

Emily is a former doctor from the UK and founder of FullyBe Coaching.

Morgan is a Certified Nurse Midwife & Women's Health Nurse Practitioner.

Anna McKay

Emily Fulleylove

Morgan Michalowski

Barbie Atkinson

Barbie is a bilingual psychotherapist and founder of Catalyst Counseling. She is not your mama's therapist!

Barbie Atkinson


Amanda is the founder and CEO of SocialMama app. She is an expert on all things motherhood.

Amanda Ducach

If you desire to make friends,

but fear taking the leap...

We got your back.

SocialMama created support circles to normalize the hard-to-have conversations.


Your support group will leverage social connections to grow together through weekly expert-led social meetings, workshop activities, individualized support, and a private group chat.

Whether you want to discuss your marriage, postpartum depression, or how to get your baby to sleep at night, our circle is here to support you.

If it feels like there's no place for you in the perfectly curated world of social media...

Join Motherhood Anonymous.

Real conversations with real moms.


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