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IBM X-Force research teams came together to look at the trends that shaped the information security landscape in 2019, following the data to highlight the most prominent trends that can help organizations better assess risk factors, understand relevant threats and bolster their security strategy in 2020 and beyond.

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) Security today released the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2020, highlighting how cybercriminals' techniques have evolved after decades of access to tens of billions of corporate and personal records and hundreds of thousands of software flaws. According to the report, 60% of initial entries into victims' networks that were observed leveraged either previously stolen credentials or known software vulnerabilities, allowing attackers to rely less on deception to gain access.

With ransomware attacks costing organizations over $7.5 billion in 2019, adversaries are reaping the rewards and have no incentive to slow down in 2020. In collaboration with Intezer, IBM's report states that new malware code was observed in 45% of banking trojans and 36% of ransomware. This suggests that by creating new code attackers are continuing to invest in efforts to avoid detection.

The report features data IBM collected in 2019 to deliver insightful information about the global threat landscape and inform security professionals about the threats most relevant to their organizations. To download a copy of the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2020, please visit:

X-Force uncovered exploitation of CVE-2023-0669 through timeline analysis indicating a common post-exploitation command to download a file from a remote IP address was executed on the GoAnyWhere server at the same time a GoAnyWhere license error log was written referencing the same remote IP address. Upon first exploitation, the attacker attempted to download and execute a malicious payload which would have established a command and control (C2) channel via a Cobalt Strike but the security tooling on the GoAnyWhere server detected and removed the malicious payload. X-Force recovered similar evidence indicating that the attacker attempted to execute Mimikatz through the exploitation of the vulnerability and was prevented.

AutoCAD 2020 includes many new features and performance improvements, such as the new Quick Measure tool and the block palette. These new features and performance improvements are available in the seven sets of tools for work, libraries and automation functions for different sectors, such as architecture, mechanical design or 3D maps:

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Autodesk Account: ideal for administrators who need to download complete software packages and create deployments. To access the tools you must go to to log in. From there, you can select and download AutoCAD or any of the specialized tools.

I simply want to validate something. The links in the autodesk 2020 page send me to the autodesk website for download via their platform. Your 2021 links send me to various parts that I download. I just want to make sure that this is correct since the page shows parts to download just like the 2021 section but does not act the same. If so I will go ahead and download from autodesk, for example, revit 2020, then apply your procedure. This should work?

Autodesk Robot Structural analysis system requirementsLink -structural-analysis-products/learn-explore/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/System-requirements-for-Autodesk-Robot-Structural-Analysis-Professional-2020.html

Phishing made up 33% of all initial attack vectors and fell into second place in 2020. This technique is used by cybercriminals to acquire your personal information (such as credit card numbers or login credentials) by sending an email that is designed to look just like it came from a legitimate source but is intended to trick you into clicking on a malicious link or downloading an attachment potentially laced with malware.

X-Force identified Google as the most spoofed brand in 2020, making up 35% of all attacks. Spoofing is a kind of attack where an untrustworthy or unknown form of communication is disguised as a legitimate source. Dropbox was the second most spoofed brand, followed by YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon.

Not surprisingly, the finance and insurance industry continues to be the most targeted, making up 23% of attacks. The majority of these attacks were server access attacks, making up 28% of all attacks this industry encountered in 2020.

This threat report is about a VMware local privilege escalation vulnerability referred to as CVE-2020-3957. The exploitation of this VMWare tools vulnerability could allow an attacker to gain administrative-level privileges on a system. Patches are available to remediate this VMWare security vulnerability in the affected products.

VMWare has ranked CVE-2020-3957 in the Important Vulnerability severity range since exploitation could result in the complete compromise of the confidentiality and integrity of user data and machine resources.

Sponsored by IBM Security and conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report is based on in-depth interviews with more than 3,200 security professional in organizations that suffered a data breach over the past year.1 Some of the top findings from this year's report include:

State Sponsored Attacks Strike HeaviestDespite representing just 13% of malicious breaches studied, state-sponsored threat actors were the most damaging type of adversary according to the 2020 report, suggesting that financially motivated attacks (53%) don't necessarily translate into higher financial losses for businesses. The highly tactical nature, longevity and stealth maneuvers of state-backed attacks, as well as the high value data targeted, often result in a more extensive compromise of victim environments, increasing breach costs to an average of $4.43 million.

About the StudyThe annual Cost of a Data Breach Report is based on in-depth analysis of real-world data breaches experienced by over 500 organizations worldwide taking place between August 2019 and April 2020, taking into account hundreds of cost factors including legal, regulatory and technical activities to loss of brand equity, customers, and employee productivity.

This is a full list of all of the Product Keys for Autodesk 2020 products. To find the key for your product, press Ctrl+F. This post will be updated over time, and the most recent changes should be found on Techfeone.

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Gartner reports that in a March 17, 2020 survey of 800 HR executives, that 88 percent of organizations have encouraged or required employees to work from home. FreeConferenceCall, a telecom service, says usage is up 2,000 percent in the U.S. and 4,322 percent in Italy. And the popular remote-conferencing provider Zoom has seen use of its services skyrocket to 200 million daily users from 10 million in December.

Scammers have long piggybacked off major news events to trick people into clicking phishing links and downloading malicious software. And sadly, the coronavirus is proving to be just another opportunity for them to profit. Case in point: The number of emails using phony information about the virus to trick people into infecting their phones and computers has increased by 14,000 percent in just two weeks, according to a report from the IBM X-Force research division.

For companies, ensuring that security fundamentals are in place is imperative. Protect devices with an antivirus solution. Update programs and operating systems to help ensure vulnerabilities are patched. Make sure remote workers are trained to recognize phishing e-mails and the risks of downloading.

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