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The Women of SocialMama

We help moms connect with like-minded women so they can build meaningful friendships.

Phone screen with Amanda V's profile on SocialMama
Phone screen with Arrica's profile on SocialMama


 SocialMama Success Story 

Meet Amanda & Arrica


Arrica: "I have a complete mom crush over Amanda, she's so genuine and real. After connecting through Social Mama, we quickly realized how much we have in common. We’ve had the chance to work on fun projects together, and check in on each other."

Amanda: "Arrica is seriously one of the most interesting people I've ever met. I am so thankful SocialMama brought us together because she is a gem. Being a divorced mom that has young kids, it's really comforting having a friend I know will understand what I go through. Arrica has been that friend for me."

 SocialMama Success Story 

Meet Heather & Nina


Nina: "I met Heather for the first time through a SocialMama meetup that you hosted a year ago. Heather and I have become fast friends, I get so stoked about each event to see her in real life. We are “in-the-moment” kind of girls 🤣  Literally we are a friendship built out of SocialMama!"

Photo of mom friends, Heather and Nina, who met on SocialMama


More From Our Community

   Our Experts   

We have licensed experts in fields ranging from family medicine to mental health, living on our app to reduce mental stress and help with medical concerns for our mamas.  Our experts share their knowledge on our app via virtual meetups, one-on-one chat, educational videos and more!  

Collage of the Experts who work for SocialMama

   Our Ambassadors   

MentorMamas are seasoned mothers who exist on the platform to facilitate friendship and deliver on our mission of a safe & judgement-free community.  Our ambassadors believe in empowering women through meaningful connections, and they use the SocialMama app for that very purpose.  

Group of women who are SocialMama ambassadors taking a selfie
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