Friendship and
medically-vetted support throughout f

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Ema is your femalehood companion made to support you on your journey.

fertility to menopause

formerly known as

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same inclusive community, new app and name.


Ema matches you to a circle of 8 friends to feel less lonely.


Ema guides your circle to build real friendship through activities and games.

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Ema gets to know you through conversation and quizzes so she can share medically-reviewed content that makes your life healthier and easier.


In the Ema community, we grow together from fertility to menopause to feel less lonely and more supported.


I've been waiting since my kiddo was born to have an app like this! No matter what your life as a mom looks like, one thing is almost universally true... it's hard to make new friends. Can't wait for this network to keep growing.

Alicia, Minneapolis, MN

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